Beautiful free fonts for designers

Typography is essential when it comes to graphic design. Here are 40 of the best free fonts from around the web for you to enjoy today!

Typography isn’t just about communication, it can also add subtle references to the message you’re trying to convey. Whole books have been written on the craft and nuanced world of typography and type design, but we’re keeping things simple.
In this article we’ve scoured the web to present you with a fine and varied selection of the best free fonts. Including scripts, serifs and a range of ligatures, these fonts will give you greater flexibility in your designs, and add to your arsenal of design tools.


Code Pro is a font family inspired by the original Sans Serif fonts like Avant Garde or Futura, but with a modern twist. It is clean, elegant, and straight-to-the-point.

Code font is applicable for any type of graphic design – web, print, motion graphics, etc – and perfect for t-shirts and other items like posters and logos. It also comes in a number of languages!


Adamas Regular

Created by Romanian graphic designer Octavian Belintan, the Adamas style was first used by Greek and Latin writers for a stone of impenetrable hardness.

Adamas only comes in upper case but we think it’s a great free font to experiment with!

Tikal Sans

Designed by typographer Miguel Hernández, Tikal Sans is a beautifully designed type that’s part of the new font family Latinotype. Miguel also works as a graphic designer, illustrator and typography teacher and currently resides in Santiago, Chile. In 2008, Miguel won the award for Chile Sans & Cadena Black Typography in the Bienal de Tipos Latinos.

The font comes in 20 variations, including Ultra Italic, Bold and Extra Light – sadly, you only receive the Medium and Italic in the free package. You can however, pay $329 for all 20 fonts.

Tikal-Sans offers a functional look with a contemporary large x-height with opentype contextual alternate letters. The light, regular and medium weights are well suited for longer textual work whilst the Thin and Black weights are great performers in display sizes.



Created by Canadian designer Alvin Kwan, Fabrica was designed with one thing in mind: to create the most legible typeface for mobile screens. Kwan says: “Fabrica is a deceptively simple sans serif typeface optimised for screen display on handheld devices. With its optimal quality and legibility, Fabrica proves to be highly efficient for small screens. Its details are drawn from the more systematic constructed Neo-Grotesques, giving it a neutral tone of voice.”

In a world where people read more text on their smartphones and tablets, rather than on actual paper, Fabrica is a typeface that’s well worth looking in to. Although the download is free for all, you can also donate however much money you would like to Alvin for his work.



Designer Trevor Baum created this vintage-inspired typeface. Proclaiming a love of bicycles, type and Jewish deli’s, Trevor wanted to create a font that was both rugged and refined, and we think he’s got the balance spot on.

The inspiration for the typography design came from the workmanship, lettering and baseball jerseys of the 1930s and 1940s. The font comes in uppercase, lowercase, numerals and also contains punctuation.


Abraham Lincoln

There are no vampire hunters in sight, we’re afraid; just an awesome font created by designer Frances MacLeod. Originally from Wichita, Kansas, Frances creates stunning typography and has worked with book covers, leaflets, posters and more.

She created this Abraham Lincoln font to resolve a constant search for a condensed serif. The promotional specimen featurrs the font in use and folds out to a poster of Abraham Lincoln’s address to the 166th Ohio Regiment in 1864 on the reverse. You can see the examples on herpersonal website.



Produced by Spanish typographer Pedro Arilla, Valentina is described as a sincere tribute to his grandmother; which is where the name also stems from.

A self-professed minimalist, Pedro created Valentina as a classic didone. Incorportating many antique Spanish techniques with influences of Bodoni, Valentina is great for editorial purposes.

It is compiled of 457 glyphs, with 125 alternative lower cases or the 46 ligatures. With that flexibility, it really is up there with the best free fonts available.



Released earlier this year, Cassannet is a gorgeous addition to our best free fonts list, which captures the essence of vintage Cassandre posters. The art deco typeface is available in bold, regular and outline weights.

Containing ligatures, capitals, numbers, small capitals and also titling alternates, the font will be perfect for any purpose. You can be really nice and offer a donation to the makers or simply repay them with a tweet.


Brazilian graphic designer Nelson Balaban is known for his outlandish style and fun approach to typography. Accent is just one example of his exemplary work that has been featured in many editorial and commercial campaigns.

Instantly eye-catching, this font could do wonders for your designs. On first impression, Accent could look a tad on the hipster side but we love it and we think you should too.

If you end up using the font, all Nelson asks is that you don’t alter it, give credit where it’s due and use it to create some ‘kick-ass work.’ Off you go then!



Sketchtik Light

This cute font is taking us back to our school days. Designed by Hiekka Graphics founder Ossi Gustafsson, the graphic design agency is quickly becoming well-known for their innovative ideas.

Sketchtik echoes chalk boards from the classroom without looking immature. It’ll give a sense of fun to any design, which could work well for portfolios or branding.

The font comes in light, regular, bold and black so there’s plenty of versatility for titles, headings and set body text. (You only get the Light version for free.)


Silverfake is a new contemporary slab serif wide free font designed Alexey Frolov, aka MRfrukta. This vintage font is presented in contemporary curves that make the font applicable for both retro and modern designs.

Silverfake contains only capital letters but also some alternate characters are also included. Check back to Alexey’s site regularly, as he has a host of free fonts up for grabs.

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